NVIDIA Shield  Tablet  is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tablet available in the market and the name stuck for some time it will certainly entitle. For now it seems like manufacturer is planning to give more though time to competitors as they are preparing a new version of Shield tablet which will equipped with a power full Tegra X1.

NVIDIA to launch Shield Tablet with Tegra X1


According to the latest reports it is clear that the NVIDIA is preparing a refreshed version of the handled device. The most important part is the specification of the new proposal as it will feature Tegra X1 Processor and would debuted in the beginning of January.

In this case, we must expect even more computing power, because Tegra X1 provides a yield of about two times faster than Tegra K1. The chip is featuring 256-core Maxwell architecture GPU chipLet’s look at CPU architecture, NVIDIA here, try to put the most mysterious part, look at the number of cores NVIDIA does not want to lose the war, and to win the war of SoC Tegra X1 is featuring 8-core architecture, basically eight cores 64-bit architecture. These 8-core how they plot is very interesting. We know that Denver 64 is NVIDA’s own architecture, but the K1 only uses a dual-core design, which may be cautious in selecting NVIDIA control risk. It also means that the next 8 Denver 28nm process provides the core which is too crazy to choose, almost impossible, this self-study core hanging out.

For the 8-core architecture, you can determine 4 + 4, it is very easy to think big. LITTLE ARM architecture, NVIDIA has really abandoned its Denver architecture, these 64-bit 8-cores are basically based on ARM architecture and distributed in actually the four Cortex-A57 and four Cortex-A53 cores, same as Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.

Unfortunately, while there was not more stuff in the specification. Most likely, the manufacturer does not decide to increase the dimensions and therefore the tablet would feature 8 “screen. At last for now, it will support Google Android latest version out of the box. We have to wait for some time in order to learn new information about new NVIDIA shield Tablet.

Source: PhoneArena