When Tegra 4 takes a start, NVIDIA’s mobile processors have their own very first handle Gaming device Shield, Tegra K1 the NVIDIA 192 Core Super Chip is still used by Millet tablet. Now NVIDIA Shield is on the way and a new generation of the Shield will equip with NVIDIA Tegra K1, according to the current news NVIDIA will be release Shield 2 on July 22, if we talk about price it is possible to maintain the $349.

NVIDIA Shield 2 with Tegra K1 May Ship in July 22

NVIDIA Shield 2 with Tegra K1 Specifications

In terms of Specifications NVIDIA Shield 2 is having Quad-core Tegra K1 processor using a 32-Bit Cortex-A15 architecture, 4Gb Ram and 1Tb internal storage. The display resolution is 1440×810 and system is running Android 4.4.2 out of the box. This case is looking not meaningfully with 4Gb Ram, other source reported that Shield II is having 3GB of memory, which is looking much more reasonable.

As for prices, Nvidia has not yet announced the price of Shield 2, but when the Shield first generation was released at that time its price was $ 349 but the official dropped to $299, and now it is as long as 199 dollars. Shield II is obviously not the beginning of the listing on the straight $199, its price will be a continuation of the previous practice, the initial listing is likely to be $ 349.