After Nvidia has launched their new Graphics cards from the GTX 900 series, it has been noted that support for DisplayPort 1.2a specification is missing in the list, and thus also supports for VESA Adaptive sync. Now we have come to know that Nvidia will not make use of the open synchronization technology. Previously, there was a news that Nvidia would give the right hand to DisplayPort 1.2a, but during the few days after launching of news cards. It has been noted in many places that Nvidia’s new graphics card from the GTX 900 series does not seem to get support for DisplayPort 1.2a, but only specified to the traditional DisplayPort 1.2. In addition, Nvidia is also first to come up with HDMI 2.0, so there are hardly chances, when it comes to the new interface.

Nvidia says no to DisplayPort 1.2a and VESA Adaptive sync


Perhaps the biggest news with DisplayPort 1.2a is the support for the open screen synchronization technology Adaptive sync, as AMD will get benefit from using their own technology Freesync and that will be a direct competitor against Nvidia’s G-Sync Technology.

DisplayPort 1.2a is irrelevant for Nvidia

Nvidia G-Sync

NVIDA ice Solidly  focused on delivering the best gaming experience with G-SYNC Which is shipping and available today from leading OEM’s monitor.

We have searched more on this matter and got a clear, straight answer from Nvidia side: Nvidia will not use the VESA Adaptive sync, but continue to invest in its own proprietary technology, the G-Sync. Therefore, the issue of DisplayPort 1.2a much more easily understood.

Then Adaptive sync is the biggest news with the DisplayPort 1.2a, which is almost identical to the regular 1.2, So there is simply no reason for Nvidia to advertise or indeed even to implement this support. G-Sync will be Nvidia’s commitment to screen synchronization future, which means that Nvidia has no reason to update the interface until the next major revision, which becomes 1.3.

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