Every where in the world now a days, a gossip is being discussed i.e. Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 Memory issue. Although the GTX 970 is a 4 GB GPU but only 3.5 GB can be accessed the remaining 0.5 GB can be accessed but seriously at way lower speed, causes performance to slash down aggressively.

Nvidia responded their users with an apology and confirming the down sized specifications. The point to be noticed here is that softwares like GPU Z can not detect correct specifications, it shows 64 ROPs while the correct one is 56 ROPs. Seriously, Nvidia’s GTX 970 was selling like hot cakes a few months ago, unfortunately, the issue has diminished the high reputation of GTX 970 by a great margin.

AMD got a lottery here, by running aggressive campaigns, recovering the lost fame which GTX 970 snatched in past few months, even though the price drops were not helping AMD. But seems like a good opportunity to get the market share back. #Iwant4gb, in reply 3.5 GB beats 4GB. I hope you got it.

Previously there were rumors that Nvidia is working to make a special driver for their GTX 970 to access full VRAM, but that all was false reports spreading over internet like fire. But now, Nvidia via official tweet affirmed that they have no specific plans like that.

We are always improving performance through drivers but there are no plans for an update specifically for the GTX 970. Nvidia mentioned.

So now it is crystal clear that no specific driver update is coming specially for GTX 970. Let see what happens next.


Source: DSO Gaming

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