NVIDIA today announced the entry-level graphics card GeForce GT 720, this card is quite low-key release, but I believe the card will be the favorite ones of market people to use in branded system.  The Core Graphic performance is not bad, leaving the entry-level graphics card market is running out.

NVIDIA released the GeForce GT 720, Power Consumption of 19W

NVIDIA GeForce GT 720

GeForce GT 720 using a GK208 core, which is the Kepler architecture, with 192 CUDA units, the core frequency of 797MHz, 64 bit memory interface, can be used with DDR3 or GDDR5 memory, the former frequency is 900MHz (equivalent 1800MHz) after Set frequency 1250MHz (equivalent 5000MHz), the GT 740 is basically cut in half, to support DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.4, PCI-E 2.0, support for three screen output, the maximum resolution 3840 * 2160.

The maximum power consumption of the graphics card only 19W, the public version of the card is made of half-height of passive cooling products, or PCI-E x8 slot, pricing below $ 50, the domestic price is high will be no where to go.

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