NVIDIA today officially released the Shield Tablet a Gaming tablet which is the successor of their previous release, compared to the Shield, Shield Tablet equipped with Powerful hardware screen and controller, and the latter has also brought a different way to play. For now of course, We have not been able to get a real machine sample, so this will take us to look at foreign technology website CNET editor Scott Stein overhand experienced.

NVIDIA released Shield Tablet

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Specifications: 

Nvidia Shield tablet is equipped with a Quad-Core Tegra K1 32 bit Processor, 2Gb of Ram, 8-inch IPS Screen with resolution of 1920×1200 (Screen ratio from this point of view is right). For capturing your memorable moments 5 Mega Pixel rear Camera is doing a Job. Batter capacity is 19.72Wh. Nvidia Shield is also has dual stereo surrounded speakers, Wi-Fi aspect does not support 802.11ac, but has Bluetooth 4.0LE, GPS GLONASS positioning. Ports including Micro USB and Mini HDMI 1.4, which can be used to access other display devices.

Nvidia Shield has two versions 16Gb and 32Gb, 16Gb is priced at $299 and will be available from July 29. 32GB version support LTE-FDD, HSPA+, EDGE, GSM networks and priced at $399.  There are also accessories including like folding leather, wireless controller, AC adapter and DirectStyus 2 stylus.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Controller: 

Although the handle is to be purchased separately, the price should be around $ 60, but you’ll still be forced to buy it. Because that is the correct way to play the game on Flat Shield, if it is a Multiplayer game or especially if you are accessing to television, which is more necessary for many players.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Controller

The Controller look is almost same as the previous Shield has. The Controller is equipped with following features: volume keys, headset interface, wireless connection chosen Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth.

Games For NVIDIA Shield Tablet:

like the previous release of Shield, Shield Tablet can also support Android games, and games specifically for the Tegra 180 Processor-Optimized you can find those games inside Shield Hub ( For now there are 11 Games which are optimized for Tegra).

NVIDIA released Shield Tablet

Shield Hub is actually the original Tegra Zone platform, the same features and NVIDIA GameStream host mode, you can transfer games to the PC, now upgraded to a resolution of 1080P, which sucked Shield tablet video via HDMI Transfer to an external display device, where the same is 1080P, and Steam on the big picture mode or Android TV the same. In addition, the tablet will also support future Shield of 1080P Netflix streaming.

You can say Shield Tablet support GameStream, Grid Cloud Gaming and other native Android Games, but in addition to the $400-500 Tablet you also need to buy a Controller $60 and Protector Cover $40, Cost you around $600 or Up. Now here no need to mention that the upcoming iPad version may give that Shield a clear competition ?

To be honest Admittedly, Shield tablet is quite good, if you love Android Games, PC Games, or both. So, this tablet is really seems your best choice. But for many Players the same Price will be inclined towards to buy a PS4 or iPad and so on.

What you think about that Shield tablet? Place your valuable thoughts below.

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