NVIDIA has just released its earnings for the fourth quarter of their fiscal year 2015, which ended January 25, 2015. Quarter revenue $1.25 billion, an increase of 9%, a growth of 2%, net profit of $ 193 million, rose 31% year on year. Annual revenue of $4.68 billion, an increase of 13%.

NVIDIA released its Q4 FY 2015 earnings


Q4 is usually the peak season, NVIDIA last quarter’s performance was very good, $ 1.25 billion of revenue growth of 9% over the $ 1.14 billion in 2014 Q4, the ring of the $ 1.22 billion the previous quarter also increased by 2%. Gross margin increased from 54.1% to 55.9%. Operating expenses $ 468 million, year on year growth of 4%, 1%, quarter net profit reached $ 193 million, compared with $ 147 million in 2013 Q4, and $ 173 million last quarter was up 31 percent, 12 %, diluted earnings per share of $ 0.35, also rose by 40% year on year.


Fiscal year 2015 revenues of $ 4.68 billion, up 13 percent from fiscal year 2014.

In addition, NVIDIA quarter available from Intel Corporation, where a $ 66 million license fee, which is NVIDIA’s a fixed income, which is stable for two years.

Look at the performance of the various departments of NVIDIA, GPU business revenue grew 13%, GeForce GPU desktop and notebook revenue rose by 38%, Maxwell architecture launched in the last year contributed very well.

As for Quadro and Tesla business, NVIDIA also mentioned both substantial growth, but did not disclose specific data.

Compare tragedy Tegra business, revenue fell 15%, NVIDIA said this is because some (using Tegra processor) phones and tablets out of the market (millet three mobile version?), but the business has been in the automotive electronics and Shield Tegra Tablet on sales compensation, which means that if NVIDIA does not open up a new battlefield, then expect the mobile phone and tablet, Tegra business is probably fall more.

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