NVIDIA held “secret” meetings in NYC last week in order to submit their upcoming new graphics product, a graphics card based on Dual-GPU who hide inside two cores GM200, or in another way we can say that equipped with two GeForce GTX 980 ti together in a single PCB.

NVIDIA prepares a Dual-GPU based on GM200 (GeForce GTX 980 Ti) Graphics Core


Following the launch of the GeForce GTX 980 laptop, Maxwell has become more evident energy / thermal efficiency Graphics core, so implementation of two GeForce GTX 980 Ti in a single PCB will not be a problem for the company or its assemblers / AIB partners and now NVIDIA can easily add two GPUs without breaking the barrier of 300W consumption.

With the launch of this product, NVIDIA will directly compete with its competitor, as AMD is preparing with great tranquility Dual Fiji based graphics card that integrates two Fury X in a single PCB, namely Radeon R9 Fury X with a TDP of 375W  and floating point performance of 17 TFLOPs.

Via: TweakTown