NVIDIA has begun to release new information about its Next-generation of graphics cards based on Pascal architecture, which would be arriving in the next year (2016) using GPUs PK100 and PK104 manufactured under a manufacturing process of 16 nanometers.

NVIDIA Pascal will be manufactured on 16nm Process node with HBM2 Memory


Previously, there were news that NVIDIA is making deals with Samsung and NVIDIA Pascal GPUs will be built on 14nm process node, but the talks between NVIDIA and Samsung has been unsuccessful, so the company is forced back to their old companies TSMC. The next generation of GPUs from NVIDIA, based on the Pascal architecture will finally built by TSMC to a manufacturing process of 16nm FinFET.

If we look at the competition, AMD has committed its next graphics chip to GlobalFoundries, which will take the lead with an NVIDIA GPU developed on a manufacturing process of 14nm FinFET. Both companies will use memory HBM2 to accompany their cores.

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia co-founder, confirmed that Pascal will use the second generation of memory known as HBM HBM2, which will make their graphics cards offer a bandwidth that starts  from 300 GB / s to around amazing 1.2 TB / s (1200Gb / s). The next generation of AMD will use both the HBM memory as HBM2, hoping that this last memory is used in top-end models such as the Radeon Radeon R9 490 and R9 490x.

“We have found over the years to be able to focus on just one thing, which is visual computing, and be able to leverage that one thing across PC, cloud, and mobile, and be able to address four very large markets with that one thing: gaming, enterprise, cloud, and automotive,” said Mr. Huang. “We can do this one thing and now be able to enjoy all and deliver the capabilities to the market in all three major computing platforms, and gain four vertical markets that are quite frankly very exciting.” …“I cannot wait to tell you all about it, you are just going to have to wait just a little longer,” – CEO, Nvidia

Pascal could very well be poised to offer a lineup of one of the first 4K capable single-Gpu cards at the [email protected] fps standard.