New leaks indicate that NVIDIA Pascal, the successor of Maxwell GM200 GPU gives life to the TITAN X, hide under the hood up to 17,000 million transistors, more than twice the transistors found on the TITAN X, the huge increment is possible solely because of the use of 16nm FinFET manufacturing process that allows the transistor size is to shrink twice smaller.

NVIDIA Pascal Will Have Up to 17 billion Transistors and HBM2

Nvidia Pascal 10X Faster Than Maxwell

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At such muscle remember that Pascal-based GPUs will also use the second Generation of High-bandwidth memory, HBM2 may incorporate up to 32 GB of memory @ 1.00 GHz with a bandwidth of 1024 GB / s, which certainly will encourage the market in the 2016 and should help to see a tangible improvement in the performance of GPUs over the current generation.

Pascal could very well be poised to offer a lineup of one of the first 4K capable single-Gpu cards at the [email protected] fps standard.

Via: Fudzilla

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