According to the latest rumor coming from Bitsandchips,  the next micro architecture of NVIDIA namely Pascal could be in trouble, because it will not be significantly better at Async Compute than NVIDIA Maxwell.

NVIDIA Pascal in trouble with games that use Asynchronous Compute


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In other words, Pascal is a refined version of Maxwell, with a strengthening of the FP64 computing capacity, but not with an equally important enhancement for calculation units dedicated to Asynchronous Computing. NVIDIA will have to heavily optimize the graphics driver to face possible deficiencies. Or, it will have to hope for the generosity of developers, who will be called upon to optimize their titles specifically for the architecture of NVIDIA. This is because NVIDIA seems to have staked everything on pure computing power, and not on any features (as is precisely the Asynchronous Compute) mainly supported by AMD. So that is the reason NVIDIA source code of GameWorks tools now publicly available?

What we do know for a fact is that Nvidia has been focusing on its FP64 or double precision performance – which was completely culled in Maxwell to offer superior value to gamers (which are mostly single precision). So whether or not lack of ASync support in Pascal translates into a real world loss depends on how the raw performance of Pascal’s Graphic Cards compares to ASync enabled Pascal graphic cards. Even if this report is true Nvidia could still win the next round by focusing on raw gaming performance of its Pascal GPUs (Techniques like ASync can only help utilize the maximum potential of all its resource, not actually add more power out of nowhere.)

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