According to JPR report, NVIDIA had already reached a market share figure of 81.9 percent, while AMD had seen its market share fall from 22 to 18 percent during the last quarter. If compared with the same quarter last year (2014), AMD enjoyed a respectable 38 percent, a drop of 20 percent clearly influenced by a policy of refried and a Radeon Fury that have yet to take off.

If we focus on global sales, in this last shipment of Graphics cards  down to 9.4 million units, which means that AMD sold 33.3 percent fewer graphics card while NVIDIA dropped 12 percent .

JPR also noted that “demand for high-end PCs and associated hardware from the enthusiast and overclocking segments has bucked the downward trend and given AIB vendors a needed prospect to offset declining sales in the mainstream consumer space”.

Via: TweakTown