AMD and NVIDIA two big giant both in Graphic Computing there is difference of different technologies they use, and thus for lead to a long-standing War of Words, especially regarding to the GameWorks in which NVIDIA offers their tools for the development to the game developers. NVIDIA as always on the last weekend made a response, Of course, the answer is still the same as old, denied AMD blamed of “cheating” Optimization, incidentally belittle the opponent’s technique, and said that Mantle is useless, NVIDIA will not support such type of technology.

NVIDIA once again responded on “cheating” accusations, saying Mantle useless

AMD vs Nvidia

About the GameWorks consequences of development tools before Nvidia made ​​a detailed report, AMD insists the GameWorks black-box operation, and said that even developers themselves cannot see the whole code, you cannot do outside optimization for NVIDIA platform Game.

Last weekend on a weekly broadcast on MaximusPC site they invited NVIDIA Engineer Rev Tom Petersen, senior director of engineering and technology, on both sides talked about a half hour more, which will inevitably have to mention these issues again. NVIDIA of course, as always, to defend themselves about Gameworks questions and responded on AMD blame and said that they are saying black-box operation (Code is not Open for Others), but actually it is not, they can go to ask the developer to see if they could see their source development.

NVIDIA also announced that they are just giving interviews because they want to promote the company in the Gaming industry, MaximusPC website mentions AMD’s Mantle technology and NVIDIA on Mantle said “They did not see any real use (no real benefits) of Mantle, they do not see What are the advantages, So we are not going to support Mantle”.

Anyway, this kind of talk show, guests were to do nothing more than three pieces: recognition of their own technological superiority, refused to various accusations of others, then that is attacking other people’s technology , for AMD or Intel to do is to accept the interview.