AMD R9 390X is just out, the performance is between Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 and GTX 970 so you can say it’s almost a GTX 780Ti. Basically R9 390X is just a re-branded R9 290X. While the flagship from AMD side i.e Fury is due to be released in a week. Fury X as per initial benchmarks is slower than GTX Titan X and slightly faster than GTX 980Ti, you can say all the current flagships are almost same in performance.

Nvidia to change names of upcoming GTX 1000 series – Rumor:

And it’s not over yet Nvidia CEO recently announced that Nvidia’s upcoming architecture will be based on Pascal architecture which will pack HBM2 memory, will provide a massive band with of up to 1 TB/s +. NvLink and other techs will be there too. But when it comes to naming there are rumors all over the air that Nvidia is simply changing the naming of their upcoming product line from GTX 1000 series to something else. At this point it is not crystal clear what exactly will be the naming agenda for upcoming series based on Pascal. Nvidia’s pascal will be fabricated on 14 nm process and will be here in Q2 2016. So AMD should be very careful in order to maintain their crumbling market share. As we have told you in previous article, pascal going to be a huge leap in graphics card industry.