An incident occurred at the Fab14B plant (Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan) of world’s largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips “TSMC“. Due to a defective batch of chemical reagents that were used in the production of semiconductors, 10 to 30 thousand silicon wafers were damagedNote that Fab14B is one of the leading enterprises of TSMC and belongs to the list of five so-called GigaFabs.

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Fab 14 B essentially produces 12 and 16 nm, 300 mm wafers for 14 companies, including NVIDIA, MEDIATEK, Huawei and Hisilicon. Reportedly, between 10,000 and 30,000 wafers have been affected.

It is not yet known how the incident will affect the availability of any products of the companies mentioned. Although the event is unlikely to have a significant impact on the market. The source indicates the possibility of partial recycling and reuse of damaged products, which should have a positive impact on the elimination time of the consequences.

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