Nvidia Gtx 750Ti and Gtx 750 Graphic cards has been released with the high-performance Maxwell architecture, but it’s seems like Nvidia has not released the detail the architectural features, particularly in relation to the meeting released last GTC roadmap “unified virtual memory” (Unified Virtual Memory, referred to as UVM). From the current situation, GTX 750 Ti, GTX 750 desktop graphics cards, and so does not support this expertise.

NVIDIA will use the UVM based on Maxwell’s professional card

The unified virtual memory architecture is the biggest highlight of Maxwell, but this feature is aimed at the professional market, desktop-class graphics card games have no access to such technology. About NVIDIA Kepler architecture practice in perspective, their attitudes can say “special function normalized industry professional market, the game features owned game market “,
Maxwell architecture used in the 750 Ti/750 GTX is called” first generation “, and doubtless there will be a new core available, including professional card, the current GTX 750 Ti, 750 card does not support a unified virtual memory is not an accident.

 Unified Virtual Memory

Interestingly, a unified virtual memory technology is also part of CUDA 6.0, and GTX 750 Ti, GTX 750 also supports CUDA 6.0, perhaps supported by the software with the hardware architecture UVM is not the same thing.

NVIDIA GTC 2014 next month the graphic card technology conference,Maxwell architecture should release more details, UVM’s secret will be unveiled then.

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