Few day’s back there was a news that NVIDIA will directly make a leap toward 16nm manufacturing process. Today another leak has come to put life in the previous news. Indian Import and Export website Zauba confirmed that NVIDIA Next Generation will be based on Large-Core Maxwell GM200 architecture (GM200 is also known as Big Maxwell), and very promising it will become the NVIDIA GTX Titan II.

According to specifications, GM200 will have more than 4000 stream processors, Core area of about 600 mm2 Amazing and provides 512-bit memory interface, absolutely killing level product, but we have to wait until the second quarter of 2015, NVIDIA GTX Titan II may be used directly 16nm process (there is news that NVIDIA intends to completely skip 20 nm).

NVIDIA Maxwell GM200 spotted, GTX TITAN II

Specifications are saying that the core of AMD’s next-generation flagship Fiji Islands, will have the same 600 mm2, more than 4k stream processors ,512-bit wide, named Radeon R9 390X, and the fourth quarter of this year will come (28/20nm?).

In addition, the registration table of Zauba site also revealed “GK210”, “GK180” code, which must be part of the Kepler architecture, but now all NVIDIA effort inevitably placed on the Maxwell architecture.

AMD and NVIDIA Graphic Card Portfolio Road Map 2015

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