For some time there are rumors about NVIDIA Maxwell GM200 GPU, which would be found in the most efficient series of graphics cards for targeted groups GeForce and Quadro professional. This existence has now confirmed by the Chinese media and so we should expect its official release.

NVIDIA Maxwell GM200 GPU Pictured

Comparison of the size of Kepler GK110 GPU, Maxwell GM200 and GM204 Maxwell
Comparison of the size of Kepler GK110 GPU, Maxwell GM200 and GM204 Maxwell

The pictures show a mysterious, unknown graphics card to us, most likely still in the engineering version – shows the lack of some elements of the shape and teaser snaps of the PCB. Near the GPU included 12 Hynix GDDR5 memory chips with a capacity of 8 GB (1 GB) and 32-bit bus, and therefore Graphics Card has at its 12GB of VRAM GDDR5 384-bit interface – from huge VRAM therefore we can suspect that this model is from professional Quadro Series (perhaps newly announced Quadro M6000).

GPU itself is labeled GM200-400-A1 and according to previous leaks has 3072 CUDA cores. The size of the chip is comparable to the model GK110 – the core of the masthead of the previous generation Kepler, which had been applied in the most efficient GeForce and Quadro.

In addition, there were on board and one HDMI output and three DisplayPort, and also a place to DVI (perhaps absent in engineering version). In addition, given over to two SLI connectors, and therefore at the same time something clicked on mind that it can be NVIDIA GeForce (NVIDIA GeForce Titan II or Titan X) and you can setup of up to four cards in a 4-way SLI.

When should we expect to launch the Graphics Card equipped featuring GM200 Maxwell? As experience from previous years, perhaps as early as February – the same month GeForce GTX Titan debuted (February 2013) and the GeForce GTX Titan Black (February 2014) with the top Kepler GK110 core. So there are lots of chances we can expect the launch of NVIDIA GeForce Titan II in February.

Picture Courtesy: Videocardz




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