NVIDIA without much fanfare has introduced the mobile next-Generation layout of Maxwell – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M, which will be used in laptops to play in a more acceptable price.

NVIDIA Launches The GeForce GTX 965M Mobility Chip

Nvidia Maxwell Notebook Presentation

The GeForce GTX 965M Mobility Chip is based on Maxwell GM204, but only half blocks SMM is activated- available therefore cast 1024 CUDA cores. The mobile GPU works with GDDR5 memory on a 128-bit interface.

The standard core clock speed is 944 MHz, but it can also accelerate through Boost 2.0 (NVIDIA did not specify the turbo boost frequency limit). Effective memory clock of 5000 MHz – in effect, it offers a bandwidth of 80GB/s.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M Specifications

Tech4Gamers GeForce GTX 965M GeForce GTX 970m GeForce GTX 980m
GPU Core Maxwell GM204 Maxwell GM204 Maxwell GM204
Stream processors 1024 1280 1536
GPU clock frequency 944 MHz + Boost 2.0 924 MHz + Boost 2.0 1038 MHz + Boost 2.0
Video memory Up to 4 GB of GDDR5 128-bit 6 GB of GDDR5 192-bit Up to 8 GB of GDDR5 256-bit
Memory clock 5000 MHz 5000 MHz 5000 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 80 GB / s 120 GB / s 160 GB / s

Company Aorus already announced X5 laptop, which will equip with two GeForce GTX 965M in SLI. Soon there will be others manufactures in the race.

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