NVIDIA silently launches three new low-range mobility GPUs for laptops in order to replace older models, we are discussing the GeForce 940MX, GeForce 930MX and GeForce 920MX, which come to replace the GT 750M, GT 740M and GT 730M. All these mobility GPUs are based on Maxwell GM108 silicon and may encounter GDDR5 and DDR3 memory, so depending on the chosen model, there will be a big difference in performance.

NVIDIA launches GeForce 940MX, 930MX and 920MX


The NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, GeForce 930MX and GeForce 920MX are based on GM108 silicon, which has not been officially announced, but that has not stopped the guys at Notebookcheck to have access the specifications, so we know that the 920MX is the only one that offers 256 CUDA Cores against the 930MX and 940MX with 384 CUDA Cores and all with a memory interface of 64 bits.

NVIDIA GeForce 900M / MX Series

ModelCodenameGPUCUDA CoresMemoryFreq.GPUTDP
GeForce 940MXN16S-GTR-B / SGM108384DDR364b1122+ MHz23W
GeForce 940MXN16S-GTR-B / SGM108384GDDR564b<1176 MHz23W
GeForce 940mSurface BookGM108384GDDR564b954+ MHz
GeForce 940mN16S-GT1-KB-BGM107640DDR3128b1029+ MHz
GeForce 940mN16S-GT-SGM108384DDR364b1072+ MHz
GeForce 930MXN16S-GMRGM108384DDR364b967+ MHz16W
GeForce 930MXN16S-GMRGM108384DDR364b1006+ MHz17W
GeForce 930mN16S-GMGM108384DDR364b928+ MHz
GeForce 920MXN16V-GMR1-SGM108256DDR364b926 MHz16W
GeForce 920MXN16V-GMR1-SGM108256GDDR564b965 MHz16W
GeForce 920MN16V-GM-SGK208384DDR364b954 MHz
GeForce 920MN16V-GMGF117384DDR364b775 MHz

Via: Videocardz, notebookcheck