NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang in GTC conference announce lots of content, GTX Titan X,  Autopilot Drive PX system and the latest NVIDIA odd is the launch of a whole – DIGITS DevBox, of course, this bad boy is for the professional developers and for scientific research, with a four-way GTX Titan X SLI , priced at $15,000 and will be available in the market from May.

NVIDIA launched DIGITS DevBox machine: Equipped with GTX Titan X


NVIDIA’s DIGITS DevBox computer is mainly for deep learning research, the performance is very strong, it is equipped with four GTX Titan X graphics card, single graphics floating point performance is 7 TFLOPS, four cards is 28TFLOPS, in the future there may be extended to eight cards.

This NVIDIA PC will apparently corporate with OEM vendors, but still we don’t know who is it specifically, but the chassis is Corsair Air 540.

This system is not only worth four GTX Titan X graphics, it is actually a pre-DIGITS packages, including Caffe (the popular framework used by many data scientists and researchers), Theano, Torch and supports GPU acceleration and cuDNN 2.0, NVIDIA’s robust GPU-accelerated deep learning library. 

In order to attract professionals, NVIDIA also provide a set of data as a comparison: Training AlexNet can be completed in only 13 hours with the DIGITS DevBox, compared to over 2 days with the best single GPU PC, or over a month with a CPU-only system.

Time is money, my friends.



Source: blogs.nvidia

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