On Last month, Nvidia released its Second Generation of Maxwell Architecture graphics cards include NVIDIA GTX 980 and 970. With the entry of both bad Boys Nvidia also introduce some new technologies, one of them is DSR (Dynamic ultra-clear resolution). With the help of DSR, you can render the game screen with a higher resolution on your current resolution (e.g. 4k on your 1080p). The treatment process is somewhat similar to the anti-aliasing, so it can improve the game quality. In addition, one of the best thing is that DSR does not require a specific game support, NVIDAI DSR has already integrated into the control panel, but this candy is only for Maxwell architecture before and now by changing the driver file, you can also enjoy this feature on your Kepler architecture graphics card.

Nvidia Kepler Architecture GPUs support DSR too

Nvidia DSR
DSR technology demonstration, on the left side is 1080p native resolution output, the one right is opened after the output DSR.

To be honest, DSR does not depend on a specific graphic architecture, so technically this technology can work on Kepler architecture too. Although Nvidia has limited DSR to Maxwell GPUs (in order to promote the new cards as they are good enough to fight). The Driver Inf file has been modified and can be replaced after the installation of the driver, Supports 32-bit GeForce 334.24 drivers. Below you can see the GTX Titan Black Edition graphics card opens the screenshot of DSR successfully.

Inf File Download


That’s all folks. If you face any problem, feel free to fill the comment space.

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