NVIDIA is faithful fellow when it comes to drivers for their products, not like AMD, where AMD has to release new drivers in order to fix new suit (Radeon Crimson). Supposedly Crimson burned millions of graphics cards accelerating global warming and forcing us to leave this world. And here the story ends for green camp.

NVIDIA is working to solve the problems in the Battlefront and Fallout 4 SLI

Nvidia not going to release GTX 1000 series - We can possibly see renaming for upcoming series - Rumors

Now the rest of the world should know that the latest graphics drivers released by the company, the GeForce 359.06 WHQL, is equipped with major problems and NVIDIA’s official forum is already full with lots of posts of users complaining of performance in some games, enough noise to accumulate and over 50 pages of users looking for an answer that has not arrived yet. Performance problems are present in games like Star Wars: Battlefront and Fallout 4, while in others, users have seen problems with SLI configuration.

Today NVIDIA has announced that these problems will be solved, being the more important now that affects the fashion game, the Star Wars: Battlefront, which has become virtually unplayable under an SLI configuration.

As indicated by NVIDon its official forum, it is ” an isolated case “and will” try to get a fix with the next release of the drivers. “

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