Nvidia recently launched the 2nd Generation of its technology named DLSS 2.0 (Deep Learning Supersampling 2.0), which has proven to be far superior in comparison with initial first release.

With this new version we can enjoy even superior visual quality in some aspects (also inferior in some cases), but the best of all is that it manages to scratch a large number of additional frames and now we can even run games @ 4K with RayTracing on graphics card like GeForce RTX 2060, although of course, as long as the game allows you to activate DLSS 2.0.

We now know that this technology will be further improved, since something that Nvidia did not initially announce has been disclosed, and this comes after the discovery of a hidden command called ” r.NGX.DLSS.Sharpness “, which although now it is not functional, but in the future, when activated, it will allow the user to adjust the sharpness of the image quality to their liking. Unfortunately, Nvidia has not disclosed when that feature will be available.

“We are currently working hard for the user to be able to calibrate the sharpness setting to combine well with the internal sharpness value produced by the DLSS deep neural networks, in order to consistently deliver high quality output and at the same time giving the user a significant level of flexibility over the amount of sharpness they want to apply. It is currently only available as a debugging feature in non-productive DLSS builds. “

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