This year there are a lot of surprises form Nvidia to their fans, there are rumors than Nvidia is going to launch first Maxwell Gtx 750Ti and also news in the air about Gtx Titan Black Edition Card, Nvidia is focus on the Maxwell but also on their old big core GK110. Recently One month ago Nvidia release Gtx 780ti on GK110 and now the news leaked from Videocadz that the Dual-Core Gtx 790 is going to launch based on same the old big core GK110.

Nvidia Gtx Titan Black Edition / Nvidia Gtx 790 Specification:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 790
Process 28nm 28nm 28nm
Cores 2880 Cores 2880 Cores 4992 Cores
VRAM 3 GB GDDR5 6 GB GDDR5 10 GB GDDR5 (5 GB x2)
Memory Bus 384-bit 384-bit 320-bit x2
TDP 250W 250W ~300W
Price $699 $999 $1000
Launching Date December 2013 February 2014 March 2014


GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition 6Gb:


The First product Nvidia going to launch is Gtx Titan Black Edition 6Gb seems like the Titan is back, Card is based on the 28nm GK110 Core, with 2668 Cuda Cores and 384-Bit. The Card is more like a Gtx Titan with higher double-precision computing performance, which is Stock from Gtx Titan, 2880 stream processors, 240 texture units, 48 ROP units, and from these GTX 780 Ti.

The Card seems great overall, but performance is still not satisfactory if we compare it with the previous release Like Gtx 780 and Gtx 780Ti. Gtx Titan Black Edition is the first card from Nvidia with 6Gb and interference of 384-bit.

The thermal design power is 250Watts and the price would be $999.

Dual-Core Gtx 790:


The Second card is Gtx 790 based on  Dual-GK110 and will replaced the Gtx 690, there are rumors that this card will release in the Fall of 2014. The Gtx 790 is based on Dual-Gk110 Core with 4992 Stream Processors, 80 ROP units and 2×320-bit with 10Gb Gddr5, this is the high-memory card from Nvidia’s Entire Line-up. 10Gb is based on 2x5Gb on a single chip as the card is dual-core. The thermal design power is 300Watts.

If we see the specification of Gtx 790, it seems that Gtx 790 will not feather all the Specifications of Gk110. The Card will be released in the march and the expected price of the candy is around $1000.

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