Nvidia’s game screen is not greatly synchronized last year due to the Caton, tearing the situation presents G-SYNC technology through integration in the module to dynamically adjust the screen refresh rate to synchronize to solve this problem with the GPU Framerate. Several partners will launch a stack of G-SYNC Screen products this year announced by Nvidia. The Price of G-SYNC is really high in the market around $999 US Dollor, how ever NVIDIA launched a G-SYNC DIY kit, so that particular screen can support G-SYNC technology.

 Nvidia G-Sync Package for ASUS VG248QE Lcd
Nvidia G-Sync Package for ASUS VG248QE Lcd


At the moment this G-SYNC kit is for ASUS VG248QE LCD Screen, the truth is within the control panel on behalf of the original screen replaced supports G-SYNC product, users must disassemble the screen hands and put yourself inside the package The control circuit board, the more relevant dismantling recommended for experienced users to install.

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