NVIDIA has released its new beast in the market in order to entertain the Supercomputers who will run the applications related to the scientific research. They have released Tesla K80 at a conference which is related to the supercomputers. The card is equipped with impressive performance, featuring two Kepler GK210 GPU Cores. A few months ago Tesla K80 was appeared in the NVIDIA’s driver version 340.61 ini file. And at that time we have reported that the Tesla K80 would pack with 24Gb of memory. After lots of rumors in the market finally the beast has made its entry in the market. The Card specifications have disclosed in the presentation the most impressive double precision compute performance of 2.9 TFlops and pumps out impressive 480GB/s bandwidth.

NVIDIA Introduces Tesla K80 With Two GK210 GPUs – 2.9 TFlops and pumps out impressive 480GB/s bandwidth

NVIDIA Introduces Tesla K80

If we talk about the detailed specifications of Tesla K80, as mentioned above, there are two Kepler GK210 GPU Cores fused on it which featuring around 4992 CUDA Cores, 2496 CUDA for one core, 96 ROPs and 416 TMUS. In terms of VRAM 24GB GDDR5 with 384-bit bus interface is doing the job which is clocked at 5Gbps. Impressive 480GB/s bandwidth and thermal design power are similar to the NVIDIA TITAN Z only 375Watts. In terms of frequencies, the core clock frequency is 870MHz while turbo boost frequency is still unknown.

For cooling the beast for supercomputers the card feature passive cooling heatsink. While the color scheme of heatsink is representing Nvidia environment color green and black. From the slides provided by Nvidia we can see that, the card at the peak is performing 2x faster than Tesla K40 which was based on a single chip using a GK110 core, 2880 CUDA cores, 12GB memory. Also the Tesla K80 bandwidth is 480 GB/s  total double precision performance rated at 2.9 TFlops. The single precision performance of the card is rated at over 8 TFlops which is impressive from an HPC perspective.

NVIDIA Tesla K80

The card is not for entertaining the gamers as they will not utilize its full potential or maybe some gamers want to buy this card so it will be better to prepare your kidneys as the card will retail for a high price of around $7000. For gamers who want to get benefits from the Tesla K80 performance card can go with Nvidia GTX Titan Z which is of $2000.