Home News NVIDIA has updated their list of Ansel supported GPUs

NVIDIA has updated their list of Ansel supported GPUs


On the official GeForce website, NVIDIA has updated their Ansel supported graphics card list to do a reversal to the GTX 600-series GPUs. The new innovation will be usable on the GTX 650 and up.

NVIDIA has updated their list of Ansel supported GPUs 

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Gaming photography is turning out to be progressively well known, which is the reason NVIDIA come up with the Ansel. Ansel gives you ‘a chance to solidify [in-game] time’, permitting you to create shots from any view. You can take screenshots at a super-resolution of up to 8 gigapixel, or 32x higher than your native screen resolution. The new tool highlights OpenEXR capture for HDR pictures, Instagram-like Post-Process Filters, 360° scene pictures and Free Camera, which gives you full control over the camera’s position and movement.

It’s incredible to see that this new tool will also be supported on NVIDIA’s older generation graphics cards, particularly considering the 600-series which is now 4 years old. Ansel will be upheld on various AAA titles, including The Witcher 3, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Witness, Paragon and No Man’s Sky.


  • Free Camera – Compose your shot anywhere, from any angle.
  • Post-Process Filters – Adjust the look and mood of your favorite games.
  • EXR Capture – Capture in the highest color spectrum for HDR images.
  • Super Resolution – Capture every detail with the highest-resolution images.
  • 360 Capture – Snap 360-degree panorama images in mono or stereo.