In January of this year, it was revealed that NVIDIA had incorrectly stated the number of ROPs (Raster Operation Pipeline, or unit that performs the latest graphics pipeline operations), memory bandwidth, capacity L2 cache and the amount of memory speed on its Geforce GTX 970 GPU.

  • Instead of presenting 64 ROPs, had only 56.
  • Bandwidth of real memory is 196 Gb / s, in contrast to 224GB / s advertised.
  • The L2 cache size is 1792KB, not 2048KB.
  • The amount of VRAM memory should have been indicated as 3.5GB + 0.5GB. The latter 512MB  can only be accessed with maximum data transmission, due to the limitations of the GM204 architecture, present in the GTX 970.

NVIDIA even earned the scorn of AMD Radeon claiming that their graphics cards really had 4 GB of VRAM. While NVIDIA’s excuse was that remaining 0.5 GB is in another partition reserved for use by other commands.

NVIDIA will refund 512 MB of VRAM of your GeForce GTX 970


Almost a year later, NVIDIA has decided to activate the full 4GB VRAM of the GTX 970. NVIDIA has created a page on their site where users can ask for a chip to be attached to their graphics card.

“We have seen our coffers overflowing with money, on the other side, AMD doesn’t sell their graphics card very well, so we decided to pity of our loyal buyers, and give them what they deserve, a performance improvement at 0 cost. “.

This memory chip should be fitted in the free space available on the PCB. After that, you just have to update the BIOS firmware, and cross your fingers.

P.S: I believe that total performance would not improve a lot.


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