The dual-core NVIDIA GTX Titan Z  release date postponed twice already, but now the official said that we are not taking away date, then what will be the time to come out and face the Dual-Core strongest competitor.

German website ComputerBase get the latest news, new release date of Nvidia Gtx Titan Z is May 28, which is on next Wednesday.

GTX Titan Z full Specifications and Pictures

Now if we see the previous release date records, this is very strange because mostly NVIDIA releases new cards on Tuesday or Thursday, can not remember what time on Wednesday released before.

This is now the third time, I hope this time they do not bounce it.

It seems that the root cause of delays in the launch of Nvidia Gtx Titan Z is not in place to optimize drive performance, but is to win against AMD R9 295X2.  Experimental results Kong magazine “E-Zone” released, Titan Z in performance with AMD dual-core flagship basically comparable, lower power consumption, but higher temperatures, noise.