The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 is the Graphics card from the green camp, which has putt many players on a waiting mode, lots of players are waiting for this graphics card after seeing the superior performance of Maxwell GM204 GPU core Graphics cards GTX 980 and GTX 970. Both cards have won many hearts in terms of performance and less power consumption. Now budget party eyes are on little lighter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, according to several reports it will be priced between $250-$300. About he launch previously we have seen that foregin media break the news that NVIDIA will release, it’s GeForce GTX 960 graphics card on 22nd January 2015. Well, for now this is the alleged date, and there are lots of chances that it might be bounced as it’s not based on official reports. But if we conclude all the rumors it will be available from the January of next year.

NVIDIA GTX 960 Will Arrive with Two “Ti” Flavors Equipped With Different CUDA Cores; Benchmarks Revealed

Nvidia GTX 960 4Gb

The Year is going to end in a few hours and the latest news on on most anticipiated Graphic card may became shocker for many players that there are currently not one, not two, but three engineering samples of the 960. The first one is the normal GTX 960 and rest two are ‘Ti’ version with some good amount of CUDA cores and other flavors. We will give the credit of this news to IYD.KR.

The foreign media have also revealed some benchmarks to give us a rough view of the performance of cards. Astonishingly, the benchmarks are not at the expectation mark if we see how the GTX 960 base version performs. Kepler GTX 770 and also AMD R9 280 beat the base GTX 960. On the other side of the note it performs around 12% better than the GTX 760. NVIDIA GTX 960  Ti variants are performing better than both of these. The first GTX 960Ti is with 1280 CUDA Cores and another with 1536 CUDA Cores. The one with 1536 CUDA Cores even beat GTX 780. Take a look at the benchmark chart from IYD.KR side.


Before we move further around here, those benchmarks are coming from an authentic source (DG Lee @ IYD.KR). As I have mentioned above GTX 960 base version is not performing really good, but the Ti variants are telling us a good story. The first with 1280 CUDA Cores is crossing R9 280x and GTX 770 in this race. The 1536 SP variant of the GTX 960 on the other hand is simply brilliant. It is able to breeze past even a reference GTX 780. Now we can say that the base version of the GTX 960 is using a 128 bit bus and I hope you remember the previous leak of that version was a Ti variant with 256 bit bus and 4Gb GDDR5 memory.

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