Nvidia previously released its Maxwell Second Generation flagships GTX 980 / GTX 970 and also to entertain the Notebook players with the release of GTX 980m and GTX 970m. GM204 is no doubt winning many hearts with its amazing performance and energy efficiency. We know that Nvidia always at first release its High-End Products then come toward the downsizing. The next from GTX 900 Series it should be Nvidia GTX 960. According to the previous rumors Nvidia will release its GTX 960 in the month of October but the latest news show that NVIDIA’s next generation budget-friendly GeForce GTX 960 graphics card may have been postponed to Q1 2015 as reported by GDM.OR.JP. The Japanese based retailers are most of the time entertain us with the accurate information. They also come up with the reason that the Strong sales of GTX 980 and GTX 970 cause this delay and Nvidia will entertain the market with both products for the entire year. The budget-friendly GTX 960 would be around $300.

NVIDIA GTX 960 Postponed To Q1 2015

Nvidia Maxwell GM204 Chip

There’s still no official confirmation regarding to the delay, so take this news with the pinch of salt. If we talk about the possible specifications of GTX 960 so we can summarize things by this paragraph. At first if we see the previous story from Kepler. There are two variants GTX 660 and GTX 660Ti and there is a big difference between the performance of both candies. So we can say that, this time we might see one or even two cards, the GTX 960 Ti and GTX 960. The price of the faster GeForce GTX 960 will almost certainly be $249 US if there are two parts while the other would cost around $199 – $229 US. If there are two cards, then we can see the same configuration as the mobile parts for each card. The faster one featuring 1536 cores and a 256-bit bus followed by the slower and cheaper one featuring 1280 cores and 192-bit bus. The entry of GTX 960 will also lead us to the big sale at the price of GTX 970.

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