Nvidia previously released its Maxwell Second Generation flagships GTX 980 / GTX 970 and also to entertain the Notebook players with the release of GTX 980m and GTX 970m.GM204 is no doubt winning many hearts with its amazing performance and energy efficiency. We know that Nvidia always at first release its High-End Products then come toward the downsizing. The next from GTX 900 Series it should be Nvidia GTX 960. According to the previous rumors Nvidia will release its GTX 960 in the month of October but the latest news show that NVIDIA’s next generation budget-friendly GeForce GTX 960 graphics card may have been postponed to Q1 2015 as reported by GDM.OR.JP. The Japanese based retailers are most of the time entertain us with the accurate information. They also come up with the reason that the Strong sales of GTX 980 and GTX 970 cause this delay and Nvidia will entertain the market with both products for the entire year. The budget-friendly GTX 960 would be around $300.

NVIDIA GTX 960 Leaked Specifications: GM206 Core 4Gb and 256 Bit Bus

Nvidia Maxwell GM204 Chip

After the previous leaked, we know that NVIDIA GTX 960 would feature the GM206 GPU, and as previously mentioned it would be available in the January of 2015. Now the latest news, which is coming from the Sweclockers side give us more hints in order to learn about the upcoming GTX 960, according to them this card would give the comparable performance to GTX 770, but power consumption is too low.

Also, if we talk about the specifications there are two solid news on it first one is from Sweclockers who claimed that, the card will use GM206 core, memory bandwidth will be reduced from GM204’s 256bit to 128bit, memory capacity of 2GB GDDR5, unknown frequency and the card is comparable to GM206 core GTX 770. The other news on the specification is from the shipping database of Zauba (I’m also on that side), from the leaked inventory entry we can see that, GTX 960 and GTX 970 has the same 256Bit memory interface and 4GB of GDDR5 memory, the core frequency 993MHz,  6008MHz memory, video output interface is a dual-DVI, HDMI and DP. 


Nvidia GTX 960 release is expected in the early next year at the CES show, the price of this card would lie between $250-300. It will replace the GTX 760. 

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