NVIDIA’s “Maxwell” architecture Graphic Cards portfolio for now based on very small-scale only two cards, but those two cards were just a start, the High-performance is still to come, today we have got some spy photos of Nvida’s new Maxwell flagship which will take the Maxwell architecture to the new performance circle. There are rumors in the air that this prototype would Nvidia Gtx 880.


From the photo, we can see a green PCB base card, GPU core can also be seen and NVIDIA logo as well, the revision is “1421A1” – it was manufactured somewhere in the 21st week of this year. A1 is the initial version and will be in line with expectations for the actual product. “TAIWAN” words naturally represent a TSMC. We can also see sixteen SKHynix H5GQ4H24MFR 0.5GB modules according to this the card will be equipped with 8Gb Frame buffer.


If we talk about the power part the prototype has a specific circuit design which is inconvenient to expose, the only interesting thing is 3 power connectors (6+6+8pin). The tail is clearly visible auxiliary power connector, two 6-pin plus an 8-pin, not all parallel. We are seeing this case first time on a single version card, Nvidia Gtx 780Ti is still using 6-pin plus 8-pin Combination. If we calculate the absolute maximum power of that prototype so it would not exceed 375Watts (75+75+150= 375W) power consumption is still quite large.

NVIDIA GTX 880 power Connector
As for this new flagship, still there is not a clear official statement. Estimated from the core area, the overall design, it may be the legendary GM210, if the news of TSMC increase their productions in Q3 of this year comes true than we can say the Next Nvidia High-end Card will be equipped with GM204. GM210 which is a large core of Kepler GK110 successor, Maxwell architecture.

GeForce GTX 880 is really far away. In theory, it is not a problem to launch Gtx 880 this year.