NVIDIA won’t be supporting the Vulkan API on GTX 400 and 500 Series GPUs, expressing that supporting it is not an “engineering issue, but an install base issue“, implying that NVIDIA doesn’t feel that there are still lots of players’ own products from GTX 400 / 500 series.

NVIDIA GTX 400 and 500 Series GPUs Will Not Support The Vulkan API 

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One thing to note here is that AMD won’t be supporting the Vulkan API on Pre-GCN GPUs, which considering the way that the GCN design and the GTX 600 series propelled in the meantime implies that both brands have pretty much the same number of generations which are not supporting the latest API from the Khronos Group.

Below you can see the quote from NVIDIA:

We are currently not planning to support for 4-500 class GPUs, it is not an engineering issue but an install base issue.

If that causes you pain please contact your local Nvidia representative and let them know.

The Vulkan API is a critical stride for the Khronis Group, as of now giving an incredible execution increment when contrasted with OpenGL in initial testing in The Talos Principle with Early GPU drivers.

Both AMD and NVIDIA support Vulkan on any of their GPUs that were launched in 2012 or later, with AMD supports all items utilizing their GCN architecture and NVIDIA supporting it on their GTX 600 series or more up to date items.

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