For the previous few weeks, Nvidia continues to be teasing a brand new gaming item that it would illustrate at GDC. Now, when the company’s brand new Shield Gaming console is an compelling machine, we were additionally enthusiastic about another thing the company spoke of. Together with the brand new console, Nvidia further more officially unveiled its strategies for their Nvidia Grid subscription-based streaming service.

As per Nvidia’s live display at GDC, the Nvidia Grid streaming service will be assisted by Nvidia Grid supercomputers worldwide. Set to kick off in May, the service will have 2 tiers. Nvidia Grid will permit customers to stream games at 720p at 30 FPS at no cost while Nvidia Grid Plus will give you games at up to 1080p and 60 FPS both of them with a latency of 150 ms .Unfortunately, we don’t have a clue how much the premium service will definitely cost as of yet.

However, for those who are not interested in spending to stream a game, you will be able to buy AAA game titles from the Grid store which, currently, will give you 50 game titles albeit Nvidia states that a lot more game titles is going to be added every week.


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