Nvidia Graphic Card

A few days before the exposure of the GTX 880 Specifications amazing(Link), just 3200 CUDA cores, 20nm technology, integrated ARM core, released this summer to see how rumors cannot be convincing. Although AMD, NVIDIA 20nm process GPU introduced this year is basically not possible(Link), but still will launch GM204 and NVIDIA GK210 GPU core based on 28nm process, and these two GPU already taped it.

GTX 880 specifications of authenticity for the time being crazy hard to say, but at least the core of the authenticity of the basic GM204 not run. Often leaked on the import and export of new India website Zauba, unmistakably shows the “GM204-GB3-256”, seems to imply that 256-bit memory interface, exactly in line with its positioning.

Nvidia GM204 Core Uses 28nm, First Maxwell Architecture core GM107 enhanced version

Earlier news that GM204 uses the new 20nm process, but now signs that it may also be 28nm, is the first Maxwell architecture core GM107 enhanced version – bit wide double stream processors more.

Has been very concerned about the graphics 3DCenter also mentioned two other names ” GM206 “,” GM200. ” The former should be the core of the entry-level, performance and GM107 may be almost completely replace the GK106, GK107.

The latter is perhaps the GM210 (if it exists) Lite, are big GK110 core level.

GK210 core piece of information flow
GK210 core piece of information flow

Zauba site also appeared on ” GK210 “, and there are three different versions of GK210-INT5156-A1, GK210-885-A1, GK210-CS1-A1, but in the end is something no clue.

Comprehensive analysis, GK210 is probably a better version of the GK110, the new top-level dual-core card GeForce GTX Titan Z(Link) is that it may be used, or even derived Tesla Z, Quadro Z like professional card.

GM204 taped message
GM204 taped message

From the above information view, NVIDIA launched this year may continue a Kepler GK210 core architecture, Maxwell will GM204 core architecture, but not a very high specification, the final name may be GTX 870, there may be GTX 880, should not be overshadowed GTX Titan Black Edition(Link) and GTX 780 Ti edge.