In the mean time Nvidia had demonstrated off the TITAN X at GDC they were very light-weight on the particulars, all we know is the fact the ultimate single beast will sport a 12GB frame buffer and transistor count is over 8 Billion Transistors.

Nvidia asserted that additional info is going to be uncovered concerning the GPU very soon , but until then the Videocardz have published a bit of alleged specs along with quite a few 3DMARK results with both at stock and after overclocking GTX Titan X, aswell as massive configuration of upto Quad-SLI results.

By the appearance Nvidia is going to make it all black with the stock cooler for the Titan X, and will not be relocating away from SLI bridges for multi-GPU configurations either. By the the appearance the GTX Titan X has the tendency to serve in up to a 4 GPU Quad-SLI configuration. Dimensions wise it appears nearly the same as the standard GTX Titan, however, we certainly have no updates on the precise proportions of the GPU.

Considering price and performance all we have to do is estimate, with the power efficiency enhancements of Maxwell we anticipate to observe overall performance advancements somewhere in the range of 50% more than the GTX 980 or GTX 780Ti, nevertheless, until Nvidia dispatches product samples to examine all we can do is guess.

We know that the GTX Titan X will be driven by an 8-pin together with a 6pin PCI-e power connector, which is the exactly like the preceding Titan GPU, therefore look forward to an identical TDP. When it comes to display outputs we have now 3 Display port connectors, which is the just the same as the GTX 980 and a solitary HDMI 2 .0 in addition to a single DVI connector.

Have a glance to alleged specs and benchmarks.

Nvidia Gefore GTX Titan X Specs Nvidia Gefore GTX Titan X Benchmarks Nvidia Gefore GTX Titan X Benchmarks Nvidia Gefore GTX Titan X Benchmarks Nvidia Gefore GTX Titan X Benchmarks



As we can notice in these bench, the GTX 980 only bears around 75 to 80% of the performance of the GTX Titan X, with the standard Titan having around 60% of the overall performance of the Titan X. As they are not confirmed benchmarks so take it with pinch of salt.


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