During Game Developers Conference 2016 held in San Francisco, AMD finally introduced its first most powerful dual-Fiji graphics card suitable for both, VR content creation and consumption. On the other side, NVIDIA will launch its next-Gen GPUs based on the Pascal architecture at GTC 2015 and today we have filtered list of specifications with the name of new graphics card models, new GPUs include the GeForce X80, GeForce X80Ti and GeForce X80 Titan, all based on the Pascal  architecture  manufactured @16nm FinFET.

NVIDIA GeForce X: X80, X80Ti and X80 Titan Leaked Specifications


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NVIDIA GeForce X80

The successor of GeForce GTX 980 is equipped with GP104 GPU core which would consist of 4,096 CUDA Cores with 256 TMUs and 128 ROPs to a base frequency of 1000 MHz, which would be attached to a striking 6GB of GDDR5 memory running at 8000 MHz (no GDDR5X) with a memory interface of 384 bits give a bandwidth of 384 Gb / s reaching a yield of  8 TFLOPS  with 175W TDP.

NVIDIA GeForce X80Ti

Yes, that would replace the GeForce GTX 980Ti. This model will feature the full GPU Core GP100 but castrated, which would consist of 5120 CUDA Cores with 320 TMUs and 160 ROPs to a base frequency of 1025 MHz, which would be united to 8 GB of GDDR5 memory @ 8000 MHz and memory interface of 512 bits give a bandwidth of 512 GB / s reaching 10.5 TFLOPS with 225W TDP.

NVIDIA GeForce Titan X80

GeForce Titan X80 will join the GTX Titan family as its name suggests, the GPU is equipped with Full Pascal GP100 GPU core, that translates to  6144 CUDA Cores with 384 TMUs and 192 ROPs to a base frequency of 1025 MHz, which would be attached to 16GB of HBM2 memory @ 1000 Hz together with a memory interface 1024 bits give a bandwidth of 1024 GB / s reaching 12.5 TFLOPS maintaining 225W TDP.

Obviously, this information is not official, so we expect to see more such rumors before the GTC in April, where Jen-Hsun has his ‘opening keynote’, and hopefully has something to say about Pascal.

GeForce X series

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