kopite7kimi, Nvidia’s biggest information leaker, revealed a few days ago that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs based on the new Ada Lovelace architecture would arrive a little earlier than expected, although the most interesting of all is that finally Nvidia will not trust Samsung Foundry to bring these GPUs to life, so basically we are left with only TSMC as the foundry behind this workload.

To be exact, it is indicated that Ada Lovelace architecture will be built on the 5nm manufacturing process of the Taiwanese foundry, although the question is whether they will use the first Generation of the manufacturing process, known as N5, or its improved version  N5P. The improved version promises a reduction in power consumption by up to 10%, improving performance by up to 5%. So they are quite noticeable differences when we talk about high-end products.

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kopite7kimi already revealed at the end of May the possibility that TSMC would manufacture these GPUs at 5nm, and three months later the information remains the same, which makes it clear that the next Nvidia products will take an important leap in quality in every way making the Ada Lovelace architecture offer its full potential, which is quite the opposite seen with Ampere due to its 8nm lithography from Samsung.

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