On low load the fan stops technology is not a fresh technology, it has been used by MSI, ASUS and GLAX in their NVIDIA Maxwell based GM204 cards. But the use of this technology in a flagship model for NVIDIA camp is really surprising, TechPowerUp reports that NVIDIA intends to enter into a new technology and the first would be NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X on which they will implement it, and if it is true, then we will see a complete Maxwell GM200 core (Also known as Big-Daddy) “the beauty of the monster”.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X: Fan Stops on Idle-Mode

Nvidia GTX Titan II

With this card you may find high-end performance with low power consumption, low heat and even “Fanless” environment. The Huang family in Silicon Valley technology puts it into a reality. Some brands as above mentioned implement this technology in recent NVIDIA GTX 980 and NVIDIA GTX 970, but Maxwell architecture also allows this technology to play a greater role, from TechPowerUp latest news pointed out that:

Future drivers accompanying the GTX TITAN X will offer a new feature, which when enabled, lets you choose between a non-linear fan curve that keeps the fan off; and one that runs it at low speeds. This should let the driver power the fan of a GTX TITAN X completely off, until it reaches a temperature threshold, and only then begin to ramp up speeds. It could help not just idle (desktop), but also light-gaming scenarios (think the League of Legends).

So NVIDIA will put its  own characteristics, but did not like the former need to use a third-party control chip, but direct action on the district level.

The major advantage is that all manufacturers do not have to redesign the circuit, you only need to offer this option in the software, allowing users to set their own temperature threshold to the actual situation and needs, more flexible than before. This means during Internet, chat, watch videos, etc., and even with some low-load games you can let fans to take a break.

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