These days criticism of NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card memory problems is in the air. Now it has turned out that similar symptoms are experienced by the most powerful representative of the mobile series – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980m.

GeForce GTX 980m: Problems with access to Video memory 

nvidia-geforce-gtx-980m (2)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980m mobility Maxwell flagship is also based on the GM204 graphics processor, but in this case it has been a further cut-down version. It is featuring to 12 of the 16 blocks of SMMs, which together have 1,536 CUDA cores and 96 texture units (the number of ROP units is not known to us). In addition to the on-board include 4 GB of GDDR5 memory with 256-bit.

Service GameNab posted a screenshot from the famous test (application code is publicly available here) that checks the throughput of the memory blocks. It turns out that in the model GeForce GTX 980m last 0.5 GB also have a worse transfer – can therefore suspect that GM204 fused on GTX 980m has also a unique core structure, which translates into problems with access to the last video memory controller.

Well, for now take it which a pinch of salt as no other source has not yet confirmed the report of GameNab, but this situation seems quite likely. Interestingly, according to the editors, the GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980m are not only the NVIDIA graphics cards with the problem of memory access. It’s getting interesting…

Source: GameNab

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