Today we have seen that Zauba shipping database have listed the GM200 Core GPU is featuring 6Gb of GDDR5 memory and 384 bus bit. Now more details regarding to NVIDIA’s Maxwell beast GTX 980 Ti has been leaked by foreign media site According to them the GPU will make use of GM200-310 GPU with 2816 CUDA cores. And they have also posted some Screenshots of 3DMark performance numbers. So immediately, we should get into the velocities and bolsters.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Specifications Confirmed, Coming with 2816 CUDA cores – Will hit shelves Two Weeks before Computex


The GTX 980 Ti as said above and as we had precisely delineated three weeks prior, will utilize a harvested / Cut-down version of the GM200 GPU found in the GTX Titan X. The GM200-310 GPU has also two SMMs disabled. The card will likewise be constrained to 6GB of memory instead of 12GB like its more seasoned sibling the GTX Titan X. But NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti  will feature higher frequencies.

The site Videocardz reports that the GTX 980 Ti will dispatch before Computex, which commences on June 3rd. Review samples have allegedly as of now been sent to analysts. Nvidia has an occasion going ahead May 28th for its Shield TV console, so we might extremely well see the GTX 980 Ti then.


As should be obvious over the GTX 980 Ti is really staying aware of the GTX Titan X, in spite of having 256 CUDA cores less. This is without a doubt on account of a more forceful GPU boost clock speed. Additionally dissimilar to the GTX Titan X, NVIDIA has permitted its accomplices to make post-retail cooled forms of the GTX 980 Ti, with custom PCBs and factory Overclocks. So we will without a doubt see the custom GTX 980 Ti cards that are faster than the reference GTX Titan X.

Below you can see the alleged Specification of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti.

CardGTX Titan XGTX 980 TiGTX 980
GPU28nm GM200-40028nm GM200-31028nm GM204-400
CUDA Cores307228162048
Core clock1002 MHz1002 MHz1127 MHz
Boost Clock1089 MHzTBC
1215 MHz
Memory Clock1753 MHz1753 MHz1753 MHz
Memory Bus384-bit384-bit256-bit
Bandwidth336 GB/s336 GB/s224 GB/s
Power Connectors1x 6pin; 1x 8pin1x 6pin; 1x 8pin1x 6pin; 1x 8pin
Display Outputs1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 3x DP1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 3x DP1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 3x DP

Source: Wccftech, VideoCardz