This year Nvidia has released lots of new things, which really made their fans proud and they will also receive the more love in terms of revenue. Now the latest news from is pointing towards the most impressive thing, which is coming for Nvidia’s Maxwell Second Generation architecture Graphics Card Gtx 980. GM204 is fused on Nvidia Gtx 980. The new architecture is equipped with lots of new technologies like DSR. Well, let’s come to the main point that, Nvidia is preparing to launch 8GB versions of their flagship. We can say it is really big news and also source is reliable, 8Gb variant will give the huge boost to Nvidia Gtx 980 sale.

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 Reportedly Arriving in November

NVIDIA Maxwell Third Generation Delta

Well, Gtx 980 has 4Gb of VRAM and considering single Graphics Card, 4Gb is more than enough for gaming and also more than enough for mods. But when you come to the 4k Resolution then the story is a little bit different as huge resolution requires more memory and bus width. From the AMD side R9 290X is leading in the more bus width race with 512 bits, so it has an automatic advantage over any 256 bit GPU. Now the latest news tells us the story that, from AMD side PowerColor and Club3D will release R9 290X with 8Gb of VRAM in order to compete with GTX 980. Nvidia employs alot of software wizardry and color compression techniques to make sure that the small bus does not become a problem, but since they are talking about increasing the memory to 8GB I wondered how that would fare in situations that actually benefit from the excess VRAM.

For now, if you are willing to run games on 4k Resolution the most reliable bad boys are DUAL GPUs, rest still single cards are not good enough to give you pleasure at maximum settings with good Frames per second.

The NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 will be available for the November 2014.

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