NVIDIA yesterday released the GeForce GTX 960, the flagship with a price tag of $199 but in market AIB variant price tag is not doing justice to the product.  NVIDIA release GTX 960 to affect the market of AMD’s R9 280 and R9 270X / 270. AMD will also release their next-Gen Graphics cards in Q2 of this year according to the CEO.  Previously we have seen the exposure of  “Trinidad” core based R9 370 graphics card, Trinidad core is a successor of Curacao Pro which is used in R9 270 and it is the rebranded of the Pitcairn GPU (emphasized on the Radeon HD 7870). Yesterday GFXBenchmark database revealed some alleged benchmarks of “R9 xxx GPU” which would be of AMD mid-tire GPU R9 370.  From the leaked benchmark we can see that R9 370 graphics performance is improved up to 64% when you compare it with current R9 270. But when the GTX 960 enters into this race story is change.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Smoke AMD R9 370 in alleged benchmarks


In GFXBenchmark database, the emergence of a new card that has no name, specification information is still not recognized, but to run sub-performance has been exposed. Compared with the current R9 270 graphics card, its Manhattan off-screen test frames for 196.2fps, R9 270 only 119.2fps, performance improvement of 64%, but with the OpenGL ES 2.0 scores it is slightly behind.

The GFXBench is based on OpenGL ES specification, so the performance of these tests with Windows systems can not be 100% accurate also the GPU is in the pilot testing phase so the final results would be changed.

Compared with the GTX 960 graphics card

If this card really is nameless rumors of R9 370,64% performance improvement is also evident, but compared with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, it is still at a disadvantage. Check out the above benchmark score chart in which GTX 960 performance at 1080p Manhattan testing is 263.2fps, the gap remains significant. Unofficially we know that the new Radeon (AMD Radeon R9 370?) will make its debut in March. Price of card is a mystery, but we can expect here about 150 – $200 – roughly the same cost of Radeon R9 270.

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