NVIDIA’s next wave of Maxwell Graphics will determine in January 22 of this year. According to the lots of rumors we will see the GTX 960 in total 3-variants. The highly anticipated is with 4GB / 256bit bit interface, then there is also one which will be castrated to 2GB memory, 128bit bit interface and less CUDA Cores. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 power consumption could be reduced, TDP of only 120W, while the former GTX 760 graphics card is consuming 170W. We can expect 50Watts at Idle usage.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 with amazing Power Consumption

Nvidia GTX 960 4Gb

In 2014 NVIDIA has released two waves of Maxwell Graphics. Both become the candy of many eyes with ultra-efficient new architecture, low power consumption, less heat-up and strong performance. Upcoming GTX 960 will be a continuation of this trend, it will use the new NVIDIA Maxwell GM206 GPU core, Sweclockers site indicates that the card will be equipped with 2GB memory, 128bit wide, compared GM204 core castrated half.

But it also makes the GTX 960 graphics card lower power consumption, TDP only 120W and its goal is to replace the GTX 760, the latter for TDP of 170W. May be just need a 6pin to power it.

The performance of the GTX 960 is said to also be very strong if we look at previous alleged leaked benchmarks. For GTX 960 is not a problem, but it will even beat the GTX 770 if the previous news comes true.

The last question is the price, since bit interface and memory are castrated, then we can expect it in $199. And GTX 960Ti with price tag of between $250-300$.

Kepler GTX 770 and also AMD R9 280 beat the base version of the GTX 960. On the other side of the note it performs around 10% better than the GTX 760. NVIDIA GTX 960 Ti variants are performing better than both of these. The first GTX 960Ti is with 1280 CUDA Cores and another with 1536 CUDA Cores. The one with 1536 CUDA Cores even beat GTX 780. @IYD.KR

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