Nvidia is going to release their Maxwell Architecture  cards very soon and it’s looking like the First Maxwell Card is Gtx 750, At first there are two cards the one is Gtx 750, the configuration of Gtx 750 is almost same as Gtx 650 TI. The other one is Gtx 750 TI which is slower than Gtx 660. First Maxwell cards are mainstream GPUs. The Chip name GM107 would be the Gtx 750 which will feather 786 CUDA Cores, which is the great leap if we see the 384 cores of Gtx 650. The Gtx 750 clocked at 1020 MHz and boost upto 1085Mhz with the memory clock of 5000Mhz.

Nvidia Geforce Gtx 750 Detailed


Additionally, both cards are at 128bit interface. The Gtx 750 will be equipped with 1Gb Gddr5 memory, while the Gtx 750 Ti is with 2GbGddr5.

The player will get Gtx 750 on Febuary 2014, the expected price of Gtx 750 is $120 US Dollor.

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