NVIDIA’s GP106 powered Pascal based mid-range graphics card from GTX 1000 series, the GeForce GTX 1060 will be launched in Fall this year.

A new report published by Sweclockers confirms that GP106 powered GPUs, mainly GTX 1060 is set for launch during Fall and not in the Computex event, which will be held next month from May 31st till June 4th.

The GP106 will be replacing previous gen Maxwell based GM206, on which mid range gpus i.e, GTX 950 and GTX 960 were based. It is reported that GTX 1060 will be suitable for budget dependent gamers, just like previous GTX 960 was.

Pascal GP106

Pascal based GTX 1060 will reportedly feature die size of 200mm², 1280 CUDA Cores (with two 5 SMPs per GPC). Also, it will simply run at 75W, without requiring any additional 6-pin PCIe connector as it is based on process node of the new 16nm FinFET. Also having VRAM of 4GB GDDR5 and memory bandwidth of 128GB/s But variants released by AIB partners may come with an additional PCIe slot mainly due to overclocking and cooling solution.

More information regarding the pricing of GTX 1060 is not yet revealed. But as reported that it will be replacing GM106 powered GTX 960, it should be somewhere $160 or so. This new Pascal based GPU will be able to maximize games running at full HD 1080p and beyond and may turn out to be a pure budget mid-range graphics card.

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