Today we got a news from foregin Media, that Nvidia will release new budget Graphic card next week. The new Graphic card model  Gt 740 is a low-end card with 128bit/1GB GDDR5 graphics memory. Before the release, we can’t say much about the specifications of the card in this post, but take a look at two revealed prototypes, one is from GALAXY and the other is from Gainward. 

Nvidia Gt 740: Galaxy and Gainward Versions Out in the Wild

Nvidia Gt 740

GALAXY GT 740 Black equip with DVI-D, DVI-I, HDMI video output plus DP interface and Gainward GT 740 version adopted VGA, DVI-D plus mini-HDMI interface to match.

Nvidia Gt 740

GALAXY GT 740 requires a 6pin external power supply and the Gainward GT 740 will run at PCI-E slot not 6pin require.

I guess too much revealed for today, pay attention to our detailed evaluation of the follow-up article.