Based on reports of new problems that arose with the latest GeForce drivers, NVIDIA went to work and quickly resolved with a Hotfix that is now available for download.

NVIDIA GeForce 353.38 drivers, launched primarily to optimize Batman: Arkham Knight and also to some some built problems with Chrome crashes, freezes, and the fearsome Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR), which stops the work of the driver with the message “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”.

The new Hotfix is ​​version 353.38, and it can be downloaded from the following links:

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

Nvidia GeForce 64-bit Desktop Driver
Nvidia GeForce 32-bit Desktop Driver

Windows 10

Download Nvidia 64-bit Desktop Driver
Download Nvidia Driver 32-bit Desktop

Some reports also suggest that this new update improves performance somewhat infamous port of Batman on PC platform. Hopefully that works for everyone.